About Us....

Zanbellia is home to some elegant Italian Greyhounds, a Regal Saluki & a Miniature Xolo.

We are located in the South West of Victoria near The Otways and The Great Ocean Road. We joined Dogs Victoria in 2010 before welcoming our first show Italian Greyhound in 2013. We are proud members of Dogs Victoria and please call them to confirm my membership is still valid and current. Our Prefix was registered in 2015 and our first litter was registered in 2016. 
We pride ourselves on providing healthy, well raised, socialised, loving and outgoing puppies.   Our puppies are raised in a loving home environment situated on a small rural hobby farm so are well socialised to different animal, noises and situations. We love the "Puppy Culture" program.  Our kids are a big part and show, handle and play a part in socialising our puppies.  Our adults are health tested with the current available  breed tests ( copies are supplied with puppies), heart echos and yearly vet checks to ensure we are maintaining best practices and breeding with the healthiest of dogs. 
We pride ourselves on having puppies with beautiful natures and matching our puppies personalities to homes to ensure the very best fit for all.

You can visit us and the dogs at shows or at home via appointment ( not currently 
possible due to Covid)
We are very lucky to be able to work with some fantastic breeders that believe in DNA health testing within our breed and that are proud members of the ANKC and registered body in there state.. We cannot thank those breeders that have helped and supported us along the way and well into the future.
Please take a look around our site and enjoy our gorgeous dogs and there activities
Please contact Dogs Victoria at office@dogsvictoria.org.au to verify my membership number 3100037848
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